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Adventure Cook Islands is a locally owned adventure company, founded by Sean Wichman and Patrick Jaletzky in 2009, and consisting of 3 operations:


In 2009 Sean & Patrick bought and took over Reef To See (a Snorkel and Spear fishing company) and Adventure Hire (a land and sea adventure equipment hire company) from it’s previous owners and created Island Way Adventures to form the foundation of their new company ADVENTURE COOK ISLANDS LTD.

Sean WichmanSean who was born and raised in Rarotonga is the director of Island Way Adventures and Adventure Hire.

Sean was born and raised into the entertainment arena, is now a professional dancer, entertainer and has been working in the tourism industry for many years. Although Sean has a very laid back personality, he is an active sports person and has won top sports awards since the days he was in the Juniors and continued through to his days in the Premiere grades of Rugby and Rugby League. His sports and entertainment achievements have taken him around the World to Oceania, America, Europe, and Asia.

Sean was educated in Rarotonga and after completing his NCEA Level 3 at College, he joined a Sports Academy to pursue a career in outdoor activities. After graduating from the Sports Academy he went into training to become a PADI Divemaster (one of his childhood dreams). Sean became a PADI Divemaster in 2008 and currently holds a Cook Islands Boat Master Certification. He also holds a First Aid and Emergency First Response Certification and has a good knowledge on local healing remedies.


Patrick JaletzkyPatrick is the director of Adventure Cook Islands’ Sea Operations, Reef To See. Pat came to Rarotonga in 2004 and worked for four years as a full time dive instructor for The Dive Centre, before teaming up with Sean to form Adventure Cook Islands.

 Patrick grew up in Cologne, Germany. Having a French mother, a German father, a Polish family name and an Irish first name, he is real fruit salad like Sean and many islanders. Patrick is fluent in English, German and French and speaks basic Spanish.

Patrick started scuba diving in Cologne when he was 16 years old. After completing his A Levels in 1998, Pat left Germany to pursue a career in the dive industry. He became a dive instructor in 1999 and since then he has worked for many dive centres all over the world. He holds various PADI Instructor certifications as well as being a First Aid and DAN Oxygen Instructor. He also holds a New Zealand ILM commercial skipper certification. Apart from diving, Pat has also worked offshore as a remotely operated vehicles (underwater robot) pilot and technician in the North Sea and the South China Sea.

Adventure Cook Islands is a registered PADI Dive Resort, accredited by Tourism Cook Islands and we hold a Rental License and Transport License issued by the Ministry of Transport.

Our main base is LOCATED on the Kavera Beach main road on the west coast, between the Rarotongan Resort and Rarotonga Backpackers.

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