Rarotonga offers different offroad tracks suitable for mountain bikes. You may choose to explore these tracks on your own (see our rental bicycles) or decide to go on a guided tour.

On our Mountain Bike tours our experienced guide takes you inland around the back of the village on the ancient road (back road) and into various inland tracks that heads deep into the mountain valleys. You get to see the back yards of the village, the small farms and plantations and some awesome views of Rarotonga’s valleys and the edges of the lush mountain forest. The tour may be completed with a swim at the base of a small secluded water fall (water permitting) before heading back to our base at Kavera Beach.

The tour takes about 2 1/2 - 3 hours with minimum booking of two. 24 hour advance booking is essential or just come in and chat with us at our base at Kavera Beach.

This activity is unavailable until further notice!

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