Supporting our community in Rarotonga

Puaikura Volunteer Fire Brigade

Our company has strong ties to our Puaikura community and we support different community projects on the island of Rarotonga.

Puaikura Volunteer Fire Brigade

We support the Puaikura Volunteer Fire Brigade through free testing and filling of the fire brigades’ BA cylinders. The Puaikura Volunteer Fire Brigade has been serving the Puaikura community since 2002 and we are proud to do our bit to support the great team.

Crown-Of-Thorns Starfish

Since 2020 the crown-of-thorns starfish (taramea) population has increased considerably on Rarotonga’s outer reefs. These star fish feed on live coral and are a natural occurrence on our reef. However, high numbers of these coral feeding predators can cause severe damage to a healthy coral reef. In order to keep the crown-of-thorns starfish population under control, we regularly remove starfish from our reefs (or inject them with vinegar, which kills the starfish within 24 hours and does not harm the surrounding reef).

Korero O Te Orau

Kōrero O Te `Ōrau (KOTO)

Kōrero O Te `Ōrau is a Cook Islands based NGO (non-governmental organization) focussing on protecting the Cook Islands environment, culture and natural resources. We work alongside KOTO controlling the crown-of-thorns starfish numbers in Rarotonga. We also support the NGO through dive equipment service, tank fills and training advice. In the past we have also helped to train their student divers.

Keeping our reefs pristine

Rarotonga’s reefs are pristine with healthy coral and little to no rubbish on the majority of our dive sites. Having said this, we do come across rubbish from time to time on some of our sites. The rubbish we encounter underwater is usually on dive sites in the vicinity of streams. The rubbish is washed out of the lagoon into the sea through passages during heavy rain fall. We believe that every scuba dive should be a clean-up dive. Therefore, our dive guides remove rubbish on our dives whenever we come across it.

Assisting the Police and community

Throughout the years our company and staff has assisted the Cook Islands Police and community during numerous search and rescue operations at sea.