Surfing and Bodyboarding in Rarotonga

Bodyboard hire in the Cook Islands

We have bodyboards for hire to accommodate big and small.

Rarotonga offers good surf and bodyboard spots around the island, depending on swell and wind conditions. The best time to surf is usually around high tide (check our local newspaper).
The surf breaks here are short, fast and hollow and you won’t find big crowds on any of the surf spots. There are many good bodyboard spots but if you are not sure where to go, look out for local surfers. The local surfing community is friendly and generous considering you show patience and respect.

Not for beginners

The surf breaks on the reef just below the surface. Consequently, surfing or bodyboarding in Rarotonga is NOT FOR BEGINNERS. There are no sandy beach breaks around the island!

Rarotonga’s surf spots

Here are some of the main surf and bodyboard spots around Rarotonga:

  • Nikao Social Centre (Golf Course) in front of the runway
  • SS Maitai in front of town
  • Club Raro on the North – East corner
  • Matavera Point (Norrie Park) in the East
  • Avana Passage by Muri Beach
  • Avaavaroa Passage in the South
  • Papua Passage in the South
  • Rutaki Passage in the South

Rip currents

Rarotonga’s passages can have very strong rips! Because of this, it’s best to go out only if you know what you are doing and if you see other surfers already out.