Diving Rarotonga with Adventure Cook Islands

At Adventure Cook Islands Diving Centre you will dive Rarotonga in small groups and experience some of the best scuba diving Rarotonga has to offer. The fringing reef in Rarotonga slopes off gently until it drops off into the abyss some hundred meters beyond the surf zone. Most dive sites have little current and the average visibility in Rarotonga is 20 to 30 metres. Combined with ocean temperatures ranging between 23°C and 28°C, Rarotonga offers ideal conditions for scuba diving, technical deep diving, freediving and snorkeling.

PADI, SSI, TDI/SDI diving centre in Rarotonga

Our diving centre in Rarotonga offers a large selection of dive activities and caters for every diver level. If you are totally new to scuba diving or just interested in snorkeling, we offer introduction dives, learn to dive courses and outer reef snorkel trips. For those that are already certified scuba divers, we offer guided scuba dive trips to all the best dives sites of Rarotonga. If you haven’t been scuba diving in a while, you can do a refresher dive to get you up to scratch again and ready for our guided boat dive trips. For those divers wanting to expand their diving skills, we have a wide range of continuing education courses through PADI, SSI and SDI. We also conduct rebreather training and tec diving courses through TDI and SSI XR. In addition, we can provide full CCR support for recreational and technical rebreather diving in Rarotonga.


  • Unsere Tauchruppen sind kleiner als die aller anderen Tauchschulen in Rarotonga
  • Unsere Tauchguides gehören zu den erfahrendsten Guides auf der Insel und wir benutzen keine Auszubildenden
  • Your dive bottom times are not limited to 50 minutes providing you stay within table limits
  • Wir tauchen auch die interessanten Steilwand-Tauchplätze um die Insel
  • Our boat is kept on the trailer to be more flexible in choosing dive sites
  • Wir Tauchen wirklich alle Tauchplätze um Rarotonga, inklusive der Passagen und Steilwände an der Südküste
  • Wenn du mehrere Tauchausfahrten mit uns machst, versuchen wir immer, dich zu verschiedenen Tauchplätzen zu bringen
  • Nach vielen Jahren des Tauchens an Rarotonga’s Riff lieben wir immernoch was wir tun – wir Tauchen sogar, wenn wir frei haben