Wir Sind Umgezogen

Office and painted workshop

Adventure Cook islands ist nach Aroa umgezogen!

We have moved our office from Kavera Beach 800 metres down the road to Aroa Beach.

Since the COVID-19 border closures in April we have kept ourselves busy. We have moved our office building, decks, containers and palm trees to our new location just across the road from the beautiful Aroa Beach with it’s stunning lagoon.

The Aroa lagoon is a rauí (marine protected area) and one of the best and safest places on Rarotonga for snorkelling inside the lagoon. It is also a great place for introduction dives, diver training as well as for kayaking.

truck on grass by old building

Our new office location is situated where the old The Dive Centre used to be. Lots of work has gone into the move and even though the majority of the work is completed, smaller works and renovations are still ongoing. Don’t worry, by the time you will be able to travel to Rarotonga again, all work will be completed.

If you liked our shop how it used to be, you are going to love our new premises with the million dollar view over the lagoon. Our office building has not changed, just the location. On top, we now have a proper workshop installed in the old concrete building for repairs and maintenance of our equipment.

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