Deep diving Rarotonga’s beautiful Peppermint Reef

Peppermint angelfish on deep coral reef

Rarotonga offers fantastic deep diving all around the island. Just a little out of reach for recreational divers is Rarotonga’s Peppermint Reef, which lays in 45 to 60 metres.

Technical Diving International in Rarotonga

Technical Diving International in Rarotonga

Technical diving courses and training in the Cook Islands. Extend your range and fine tune your dive skills by training to be a tec diver in Rarotonga. Adventure Cook Islands offers both technical open circuit (OC) and closed circuit rebreather (CCR) training through TDI right here in Rarotonga. We also offer rebreather support for experienced CCR divers who wish to explore Rarotonga’s fascinating deep drop-off’s.

Mystery Shipwreck in Rarotonga Identified

Letter R on stern of shipwreck

In February 2018, Carina and Patrick discovered a small sailing yacht wreck in 70 metres outside Avatiu in Rarotonga. After talking to many locals and multiple dives on the wreck, the identity of the wreck…

Shipwreck Discovery in the Cook Islands

shiwreck hull

In February 2018, Carina and Patrick were doing an exploration dive in front of Avatiu. Visibility was very clear and even though the maximum depth of the dive was around 30 metres, looking down and towards the open sea they spotted outlines resembling a ship’s shape laying deep on the drop off slope…