Bluewater Spearfishing in Rarotonga

On our bluewater spearfishing trips around Rarotonga we take you onboard our custom built Stabi-craft boat away from the reef into deep blue water. Several Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs – a float of some kind anchored to the ocean floor) are installed around the island which become artificial reefs with smaller fish. These fish can attract bigger fish which again can attract big predator fish like mahimahi, tuna, wahoo and marlin. The FADs are located some miles offshore in water several hundred meters deep. Using flashers (fish attracting device) we try to get the attention of these pelagics and lure them closer to us.

Our trips are only for the experienced bluewater hunter. You will need to bring your own gear (apart for weights of course) incl. your bluewater gun. We highly recommend to use two rubbers as single rubbers are usually not powerful enough. We will also take less experienced freedivers out, however some freediving and spearfishing experience is highly recommended and you should be very comfortable in deep, open water.

Depending on sea conditions, we will take you to FADs or along the reef drop offs. Our trips run either at 8 am or at 1 pm. Trip duration depends on sea and hunting conditions. Average trip duration is 2.5 to 4 hours.

Most of Rarotonga’s reef fish can contain high concentrations of ciguatoxins which cause ciguatera fish poisoning in humans. The only way to be 100% sure to not get ciguatera poisoning during your stay on Rarotonga is to not eat any reef fish from Rarotonga! This is why we will not take you spearfishing on the reef or target any kind of reef fish during our trips. We only hunt open ocean pelagics as these are not part of the reef food chain and therefore safe to eat.