Scuba Dive Courses in Rarotonga

At Adventure Cook Islands we offer PADI, SSI, SDI and TDI dive courses in Rarotonga

Our Adventure Cook Islands dive centre in Rarotonga is affiliated with PADI, SSI, SDI and TDI. We are a registered PADI Dive Resort, SSI Dive Centre and SDI and TDI Dive Resort.
Being affiliated with multiple dive training associations allows us to offer the widest range of dive training courses of any dive centre in Rarotonga or the Cook Islands.

Recreational and technical diving courses

Our dive centre in Rarotonga offers a big choice of recreational PADI, SSI and SDI dive courses. Furthermore, we also offer a range of technical open circuit courses as well as technical closed circuit rebreather courses through TDI and SSI XR.

Which agency is best?

We believe that no one dive training organisation is better than another although all dive training agencies have their individual strengths. Ultimately, when it comes down to teaching, a good instructor is a good instructor, no matter the training agency. However, dive instructors who can teach courses from different training agencies tend to be more open minded when it comes to different teaching styles. After all, they have learned and trained using different instruction methods by the various diver training organisations.

Worldwide Recognition

All our recreational and technical dive certification courses in Rarotonga are recognised worldwide. When you compare the different programs, you will find that you will gain the same knowledge and learn basically the same skills for the equivalent course from another training agency. The difference lays in how the diving knowledge and skills are delivered to you. This gives YOU the choice to decide which course is best for YOU.

Association overview

Adventure Cook Islands is a PADI Dive Resort

PADI Professional Association Of Diving Instructors

PADI was founded in 1966. In the light of it’s age, PADI is very likely the biggest and best known recreational diver training agency in the world. “PADI” sometimes still stands as synonymous with “learning to dive”. Likewise, people still often refer to “my PADI”, when really they mean their “Open Water Diver certification”. For this reason, PADI strengths are as follows:

  • Worldwide recognition
  • Largest dive training agency
  • Well known brand name
  • Proven course structure
  • Well developed printed course materials
Adventure Cook Islands SSI Dive Centre

SSI Scuba Schools International

SSI started in 1970. At the present time, SSI is probably the second largest diver training agency. SSI is becoming especially popular in regions like New Zealand, North America and Europe. SSI has a strong focus on continuing education. In addition, their online presence, user app and elearning courses are very well designed. To point out a few, SSI strengths are as follows:

  • Worldwide recognition
  • Well developed digital elearning system
  • Flexible course structure
  • Great continuing education system
  • Lower cost
Adventure Cook Islands SDI Dive Centre

SDI Scuba Diving International

SDI is the sister agency of TDI. In fact, SDI was launched in 1998 out of the need for a recreational training agency for existing TDI instructors. SDI’s philosophy has always been to emphasize safety and to enhance outdated diving practices through the implementation of modern diving technology. With this in mind, SDI has been a very progressive training agency and has been on the forefront of innovation in diver training since it’s humble beginnings. To point out a few, SDI strenghts are as follows:

  • Worldwide recognition
  • Great digital elearning system
  • Strong emphasis on safety
  • Easy to follow course standards
  • Dive computers mandatory for each student
Adventure Cook ISlands TDI Dive Centre in Rarotonga

TDI Technical Diving International

TDI started in 1994 as a pure technical diver training agency. Presently, TDI is likely to be the biggest technical diver training agency in the world and it’s courses provide diver training to the highest standards. They were also the first diver training agency to develop elearning courses. To enumerate, TDI course strengths are as follows:

  • Worldwide recognition
  • Technical diver training to the highest standards
  • One of the oldest and most respected technical diver training organisations
  • Flexible course structure
  • Amongst the most sought after technical dive certifications worldwide

Below are training agency certification equivalency charts for most of the recreational and technical dive courses that we offer.

Recreational dive courses
Not applicableScuba DiverScuba Diver
Open Water Scuba DiverOpen Water DiverOpen Water Diver
Advanced Adventure DiverAdventure DiverAdvanced Open Water Diver
Rescue DiverStress and RescueRescue Diver
DivemasterDiveguide/ DivemasterDivemaster
Deep DiverDeep DivingDeep Diver
Computer Nitrox DiverEnriched Air Nitrox DiverEnriched Air Diver
Solo Diver DiverIndependent DiverSelf Reliant Diver
UW PhotographerUnderwater PhotographerDigital Underwater Photography
Technical dive courses
Advanced NitroxExtended Range NitroxTec 40
Decompression ProceduresExtended RangeTec 45
Not ApplicableNot ApplicableRebreather Diver
Air Diluent CCR CCR DiverAdvanced Rebreather Diver
Air Diluent Decompression CCRCCR Extended Range DiverTec 40 CCR
Helitrox Decompression CCRCCR Extended Range (Trimix) DiverTec 60 CCR

In case you are unsure about which course of which training association is best for you, just get in touch with us. We are always happy to help.