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Dive BCD's

Most of our scuba dive gear is new. Our BCD’s are Cressi Sub Aquapro 5 and our Regulators Cressi Sub XS2. We use quality analogue gauges for your safety. After many years of experience in diving tropical waters, we know for a fact that electronic equipment is more likely to fail than analogue gear, whether it is by malfunction or reduced battery life span. All our gauges are equipped with metric depth and pressure gauges.

We have a wide selection of dive masks –  Technisub, IST, Mares, Dacor, Atlantis and International Divers. We also have masks with optical lenses available if you require them. Our selection of fins ranges from Mares to Gull and Seac Sub. Our wetsuits are mens and womens 3mm and 5mm shortys – Atlantis, Loose Unit, NZ Made and Sonar as well as 3mm 1 pice long suits (women sizes only).

We use 80cft aluminium dive tanks with INT/ DIN convertible valves, filled to a pressure of 200 bar by our Coltri Sub compressor.

All the dive gear is serviced on a regular basis and kept in very good condition.

Fins, masks and dive regulators on Rarotonga


  • All tour guides are trained in first aid
  • Lifejackets available for all sea adventure tours
  • Boat is equipped with VHF radio and mobile phone
  • Oxygen on board for all dive trips
  • All dive guides are experienced PADI Dive Masters
    or Instructors
  • Boat handlers are experienced and qualified skippers

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