Diving in Rarotonga is what we do best!

The vast ocean surrounding Rarotonga offers ideal conditions for a wide range of inwater activities and any kind of diving. Rarotonga ’s fringing reef slopes off gently until it drops off into the abyss some hundred meters beyond the surf zone. Underwater visibility averages between 20 – 30 metres.However, with the right conditions, visibility can be up to an amazing 60 – 70 metres in Rarotonga. In these pristine waters, ocean temperatures range between 23°C during the winter months and 28°C during summer months – ideal conditions for scuba diving, technical deep diving, freediving and snorkeling.

At Adventure Cook Islands we cater for every diver level: from the highly experienced technical rebreather diver to recreational divers to total beginners. Our dive and snorkel trips and activities are designed to meet the demands of all our guests. Apart for recreational dive trips and PADI, SSI and SDI dive courses, Adventure Cook Islands is also a rebreather friendly dive centre and offers rebreather support. As a TDI dive centre we also offer technical diving training for both open circuit and closed circuit rebreathers (CCR).