Diving Price List

Scuba Diving – Certified Divers onlyExcluding GearIncluding Gear
1 DiveNZ$105.00NZ$115.00
2 Tank Dive (1 trip)NZ$160.00NZ$180.00
4 Dives (2 trips)NZ$320.00NZ$360.00
6 Dives (3 trips)NZ$475.00NZ$535.00
8 Dives (4 trips)NZ$625.00NZ$705.00
10 Dives (5 trips)NZ$770.00NZ$870.00
Refresher DiveNZ$95.00NZ$100.00
 Scuba Diving – Introduction Dives  
Lagoon Dive NZ$105.00
1 Discover Scuba Boat Dive NZ$120.00
2 Discover Scuba Boat Dives (1 trip) NZ$180.00
Snorkeling/ Freediving
Outer Reef Snorkelling Trip (min. 2 pax) NZ$110.00
PADI Certification Courses
PADI Scuba Diver Course NZ$519.00
PADI Open Water Diver Course NZ$729.00
PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course NZ$679.00
PADI Rescue Diver Course (min. 2 pax) NZ$719.00
PADI Specialty Courses Please enquire
PADI Divemaster CoursePlease enquire
SSI Certification Courses
SSI Open Water Diver CourseNZ$679.00
SSI Advanced Adventurer CourseNZ$649.00
SSI Stress and Rescue Course NZ$659.00
SSI Specialty Courses (with 2 dives)NZ$339.00
SSI Specialty Courses (with 3 dives)NZ$459.00
SSI Extended Range CoursesPlease enquire
TDI Technical Diving CoursesPlease enquire
SDI Certification CoursesPlease enquire

Prices are subject to change.