Scuba Diving Trips in Rarotonga

Diving trips in Rarotonga for qualified scuba divers

Your dedicated scuba diving team in Rarotonga

Spotted eagle rays in Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Conditions when scuba diving Rarotonga

Yellow juvenile lionfish on scuba diving trips in Rarotonga

Rarotonga’s coral reef

Rainbow runners on drop-off dive in Rarotonga

Dive trip group sizes

Our Dive Sites

Scuba diving trips to Rarotonga’s best dive sites

Yellow leaf scorpionfish in Rarotonga, Cook Islands
Blue triggerfish on dive in Rarotonga

Dive bottom times

Dive site flexibility

Giant moray eel close-up on scuba dive in Rarotonga

Our dive boat and safety

Adventure Cook Islands dive boat in lagoon in Rarotonga

Our rental scuba dive equipment

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We use quality scuba dive gear from different manufacturers. Our BCD’s are Cressi Sub Aquapro 5 and our regulators are Cressi AC2 XS2. Our fins are Mares, Seac Sub, Technisub and Gull. We use different mask models from IST, Scubapro, Mares, Seac Sub and Atlantis. We have different wetsuits – 3 mm shorties and 5 mm shorties, as well as some 3 mm and 5 mm long wetsuits (if you are visiting Rarotonga over the winter months and you know you get cold easily, you may want to bring your own long, thicker wetsuit).

Lionfish on Rarotonga reef

Our dive tanks are aluminium Catalina 80 cft (11.1 litre) cylinders with either INT or DIN valves. Adventure Cook Islands is a hydrostatic cylinder testing facility and our dive cylinders are tested and in date. We use a Coltri MCH-13 compressor to fill our scuba cylinders to 200 bar (2900 PSI). All our dive gear is serviced regularly and kept in very good condition. In addition, our qualified service technicians can service dive gear from most major equipment manufacturers.


When we scuba dive Rarotonga

Cancellations of scuba diving trips

What you need to bring on your dive trip

  • Dive certification
  • Logbook
  • Any personal dive gear you would like to use
  • Towel (1 per person – for the car seat after the boat trip)
  • Have you got your dive insurance yet? If not, JOIN DAN and get Worldwide Emergency Evacuation Coverage as well as optional Dive Injury Insurance.
  • Drinking water
  • Any snacks you may want
  • Hat and/ or sun glasses
  • Seasickness medication (if needed)
  • Windbreaker jacket or similar for cooler winter days


  • We keep our groups smaller than any other dive center on Rarotonga
  • Our dive guides are some of the most experienced guides on the island and we do not use trainees
  • Your dive bottom times are not limited to 50 minutes providing you stay within table limits
  • We also dive the interesting drop-off sites around the island
  • Our boat is kept on the trailer to be more flexible in choosing dive sites
  • We really dive all the sites around Rarotonga, including the south coast passages and drop-offs
  • We always try to get you to different dive sites when you do multiple trips with us
  • After many years of scuba diving Rarotonga’s reef, we still love what we do – we even dive when we have a day off!
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