Manatua Cable Landing

Cable floating at the surface behind cable layer vessel

Section 6 – Rarotonga – Completed

Dive team
Manatua Cable – Section 6 dive team

Subsea cable landing and installation work has finally been completed for Manatua Cable System Section 6 – Rarotonga. It has been a busy time with long days and a great team to work with and many laughs and fond memories to keep.
The multi-national dive team consisted of divers from Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Samoa and France/ Germany.

After cable landing on January 8 2020, the subsea cable has been moved to it’s final position, articulated piping installed and clamped to the sea bed in high energy areas.

Last year we have assisted the EGS team onboard Survey Vessel Geo Resolution with the survey of Rutaki Passage and it’s outer reef slope for possible subsea cable routings of the first fibre optic telecommunication cable for Rarotonga.

Cable Layer Vessel Reliance
Cable Layer vessel Reliance
Divers on boat
Before pulling cable tow rope to shore

During the last months we have been providing assistance and support to Optic Marine Services during the preparation, landing and subsea installation of the cable in Rutaki Passage. The deep sea part of the cable was laid by the Cable Layer vessel Reliance.

The Manatua Cable offers a high speed internet connection to the islands of Rarotonga and Aitutaki in the Cook Islands as well as to Niue. To the West, the Manatua Cable connects us to Samoa, to the East to Bora Bora and Tahiti in French Polynesia.

It will still take a few months for the cable to go live before Rarotonga can enjoy faster internet speeds.

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