Whaleshark in Rarotonga


Great start into the New Year!


“What better way is there than to start the New Year with a dive?” This is what Carina and Patrick thought on their day off and so they went for their first private dive in the new year. And what a dive it was!

They were exploring an area on the east coast that is normally not being dived. Swimming along the drop-off, 15 minutes into the dive Carina looked back and up and saw a massive whaleshark swimming straight over her!


Whalesharks are not uncommon Rarotongan waters surrounding and specially in recent year fishermen see these majestic animals from time to time during summer months.

However, these sightings are some distance off-shore and not on the reef surrounding the island. Seeing a whaleshark on the reef in Rarotonga is definitely exceptional and being able to see a whaleshark in Rarotonga on a scuba dive was a truely unforgettable experience.

Whaleshark dorsal fin
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