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Our company has a strict “experienced riders only” policy and we only hire out scooters to experienced motorbike or bigger scooter riders. Additionally, to hire and ride one of our scooters, you must hold a full motorcycle license in your country of residence (i.e. class “6” in New Zealand, class “R” in Australia, class “A1” in Europe). If you only hold a foreign (NZ or any other country) car drivers license, you will not be allowed to ride our scooters. Furthermore, a Cook Islands Visitors Motorcycle license without an overseas motorcycle license does not allow you to hire or ride our scooters. The absolute minimum age to hire and ride one of our scooters is 18 years – provided you have an overseas motorcylce license.

Please beware that the roads in Rarotonga are in pretty bad condition these days. It can be a fairly bumpy and hard ride on an automatic scooter as these are designed for cities with smooth roads. Therefore, if you are having back problems, we do not recommend riding a scooter in Rarotonga.