Scooter Hire on Rarotonga

Affordable rental scooters in the Cook Islands

Scooter for hire in Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Rental scooters are the preferred way of getting around Rarotonga. Our fleet of two seater, fully automatic 125cc rental scooters are cheap to hire and easy to ride. Furthermore, our scooters for hire hold a large storage area for your wife’s shopping underneath the bike seat.

Kymco Super 8 125 scooters

Our quality Kymco Super 8 125 cc rental scooters are very spacious and comfortable to ride. With their bigger 14″ wheels with large tires, these motorbikes are great quality bikes for people that are used to ride bigger clutch motorcycles or scooters. The Kymco Super 8 125 scooters are easy to handle. Nevertheless, you need to be an experienced bike rider in order to hire and ride one of our rental scooters.

Rental scooter on Rarotonga, Cook Islands

We have daily and weekly scooter hire rates. We also have motorbike safety helmets for hire. On Rarotonga it is compulsory for the rider and passenger to wear safety helmets when riding a scooter. We do not charge for riders helmets, and we hire out passenger helmets for a smll feee.

All rental scooters need to be picked up from and returned to our shop in Kavera duirng working hours (Mon – Fri 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, Sat 9:00 am -5:00 pm, Sun 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm). We do not offer scooter pick-up or drop-off service from or to the airport.


We only hire out scooters to experienced motorbike or bigger scooter riders. “Experienced” means that you must ride motorcycles on a regular basis. The minimum age to rent or ride one of our rental motor scooters is 18 years when holding a full motorcycle license in your home country or 21 years if you do not hold a full motorcycle license in your home country.
Foreign drivers licenses are accepted in the Cook Islands for a period of up to 6 months, providing you have the license class for the vehicle you wat to drive. To ride a scooter in Rarotonga, you need a MOTORCYCLE LICENSE, NOT a CAR LICENSE. If you do not have a full motorcycle license in your home country that allows you to ride 125 cc motorbikes, you are required to obtain a Cook Islands visitors motorbike drivers license in order to ride a motorbike or scooter on Rarotonga. A foreign (NZ or any other country) car drivers license does NOT allow you to ride a scooter in the Cook Islands. To obtain a Cook Islands visitors motorcycle license, you will need to successfully pass different motorcycle tests. The initial skills test is conducted by us on site at Adventure Cook Islands to check whether you are a safe motorbike/ scooter rider. After passing the skills test, we will issue you with a skills test completion paper which allows you to ride (only) to the Cook Islands Police Station in Avarua to obtain your Cook Islands visitors motorbike license. At the police station you will have to pass a theoretical test as well as another practical skills test in order to get your Cook Islands visitors motorcycle license.
Motorcycle helmets are compulsory for everyone when riding a scooter on Rarotonga. There are hefty fines for riding without helmet.
The motorcycle testing fees at the police station are $20 for the theoretical and practical tests and $20 for the issue of the visitors motorcycle license (total of $40 at the police station).

We only conduct the motorcycle skills test with people who are experienced motorbike or scooter riders. We DO NOT conduct the test with people who have no experience in riding motorcycles or scooters. In order to conduct the skills test, you will also be required to present your national car license as well as your passport.