Open Water Diver course in the Cook Islands

SSI dive training in the Cook Islands

Become a certified Open Water Diver in the Cook Islands

If you are thinking about becoming a certified diver and you have reached this page, you are already halfway there… Start your diving adventures with our SSI Open Water Diver course in the Cook Islands.

Our SSI Open Water Diver course certification is your doorway to an exciting new world beneath the surface.

Worldwide recognition of dive certification

SSI Open Water Diver course in the Cook Islands

The SSI Open Water Diver certification is your internationally recognised dive certification. Regardless if you will be diving in Oceania, Europe, the Americas, Asia or Africa. When you gain your SSI Open Water Diver certification in the Cook Islands, you can go diving wherever you are. Think of it as an international drivers license, but for diving.

Scuba Schools International (SSI) is one of the leading diver training organizations worldwide. For instance, your SSI Open Water Diver certification is ISO (International Organization for Standardization) compliant. With this in mind you can rest assured that your dive certification will be recognised worldwide.

During our SSI Open Water Diver course in the Cook Islands you will train to become a safe diver while at the same time have a lot of fun. To make sure you get the most out of your SSI dive course in the Cook Islands, we keep our group sizes small with a maxiumum of 4 divers per course. Often class sizes are smaller.

The SSI Open Water Diver course has three sections:

  • Online theory through SSI elearning
  • Confined water training inside the lagoon
  • Open water dives off our dive boat

Online studying

With SSI elearning you can study anytime, wherever you are, using any device (mobile, tablet, desktop). All online studying of the course theory will have to be fully completed prior to your course starting date with us.
You can expect to spend about 10 hours to work through the online theory.

Confined water training

You will complete all your confined water training inside the Aroa marine reserve in front of our dive centre in Rarotonga. To complete the confined water training sessions with us, you will usually need about two half days.

Open water dives

We conduct all open water course dives in Rarotonga off our custom built 5.5 metre aluminium Stabi-Craft pontoon boat. You will complete four open water dives over two half days (two boat trips).

One of our experienced SSI dive instructors will be at your side during all in-water training.

SSI Open Water diver training in Rarotonga

Your SSI Open Water Diver course fees include the following:

  • SSI elearning online theory
  • Confined water training
  • 4 boat dives
  • Equipment rental
  • SSI Dive Instructor
  • Digital log book & certification
  • Dive insurance free of charge during the course, READ INSURANCE POLICY.
Dive Assure dive insurance in Rarotonga

Course Prerequisites

To enroll in our SSI Open Water Diver course you need to be fit and healthy and a competent swimmer. Prior diving experience is not necessary for this course; however you should be a comfortable snorkeler before you start the course. Minimum age requirement is 10 years for “Junior Open Water Diver” certification (10 and 11 years old children may only participate at instructor’s discretion) and 15 years for “Open Water Diver” certification.

Medical Requirements

You will have to fill out a questionnaire about your medical history at the beginning of each SSI dive course. If you answer any of the questions on the medical form with YES, you will have to get a medical clearance from a doctor prior to any inwater training. If you are unsure about whether you have a medical condition that is incompatible with scuba diving, you can view and download the full RSTC Medical Questionnaire here