Sean Wichman

Director of Land Operations

Sean grew up in Rarotonga. He is the director of Island Way Adventures and Adventure Hire.

Sean is a true Cook Islander, this means he has blood not only from the Cooks, but also from many European countries. He was born and raised into the entertainment arena. He is now a professional dancer and entertainer and has been working in the tourism industry for many years. Although Sean has a very laid back personality, he is an active sports person and has won top sports awards since the days he was in the Juniors and continued through to his days in the Premiere grades of Rugby and Rugby League. His sports and entertainment achievements have taken him around the World to Oceania, America, Europe, and Asia.

Sean was educated in Rarotonga and after completing his NCEA Level 3 at College, he joined a Sports Academy to pursue a career in outdoor activities. After graduating from the Sports Academy he went into training to become a PADI Divemaster (one of his childhood dreams). He became a PADI Divemaster in 2008 and holds a Cook Islands Boat Master Certification. He also holds a First Aid and Emergency First Response Certification and has a good knowledge on local healing remedies. When you don’t find him diving, hiking, dancing or drumming, Sean will man the office.

Patrick Jaletzky

Director of Sea Operations

Pat arrived in Rarotonga in 2004 and worked for four years as a full time dive instructor  on the island before teaming up with Sean to form Adventure Cook Islands. Pat is the director of Reef To See.

Pat grew up in Cologne, Germany. Having a French mother, a German father, a Polish family name and an Irish first name, he is real fruit salad like Sean and many islanders. He is fluent in English, German and French and speaks basic Spanish.

Patrick discovered his love for underwater exploration at a young age during his annual family vacations in Brittany in the 1980’s. He started scuba diving with the german diving federation when he turned 16, doing his first dives in 5°C waters around Cologne. After completing his A Levels in 1998, he left Germany to pursue a career in the dive industry. Pat became a dive instructor in 1999 and since then he has worked for many dive centres all over the world. He holds various instructor and technical diving certifications with PADI, TDI and DAN. He is an avid mixed gas closed circuit rebreather diver, underwater photographer and freediver and loves exploring any waters. He also holds a New Zealand commercial skippers certification. Apart for diving, Pat has also worked offshore in the North Sea and the South China Sea, where he worked as a remotely operated vehicles (underwater robot) pilot and technician.

Carina Wenzel

Diving Instructor and Handywoman

Carina joined Adventure Cook Islands in 2013. Like Patrick, she grew up in Cologne as well and even went to school together with Patrick. During her travels throughout Oceania she visited Patrick and decided to stay. She moved to the Cook Islands in 2011 where she started diving and quickly moved up the diving ladder. Carina is a PADI instructor and holds a Cook Islands Boat Master Certificate.

Carina went to university in Leeuwarden in the Netherlands. After moving back to Germany, she decided to become a cabinet maker by trade. After successfully completing her trades apprenticeship in Cologne, Carina moved to Italy, where she specialised in antique furniture restoration. She started and operated her own restoration business for 6 years in the region of Vicenza, between Venice and Verona. Carina is truly multilingual, she speaks fluent German, English, Dutch and Italian, as well as French.
When Carina is not teaching or guiding divers, she looks after our rental fleet of bikes and other equipment, maintains the building or our grounds. You also find her in the office renting out equipment and taking bookings.