Deep diving Rarotonga’s beautiful Peppermint Reef

Peppermint angelfish on deep coral reef

Rarotonga offers fantastic deep diving all around the island. Just a little out of reach for recreational divers is Rarotonga’s Peppermint Reef, which lays in 45 to 60 metres.

Experience Blackwater diving in Rarotonga

Blackwater diving in Rarotonga

Scuba dive Rarotonga at night in the deep, open ocean. Witness the largest migration of biomass on our planet with Adventure Cook Islands blackwater diving trips in Rarotonga. Imagine you are in the middle of the ocean, with 1000 to 2000 metres of water…

Technical Diving International in Rarotonga

Technical Diving International in Rarotonga

Technical diving courses and training in the Cook Islands. Extend your range and fine tune your dive skills by training to be a tec diver in Rarotonga. Adventure Cook Islands offers both technical open circuit (OC) and closed circuit rebreather (CCR) training through TDI right here in Rarotonga. We also offer rebreather support for experienced CCR divers who wish to explore Rarotonga’s fascinating deep drop-off’s.

Scuba Schools International Training Centre

SSI Scuba Schools International Rarotonga

Adventure Cook Islands is proud to be a PADI Dive Centre, but we are also thrilled to be Rarotonga’s only Scuba Schools International Training Centre. Scuba Schools International is one of the leading dive training organizations in the world. By being affiliated with multiple dive training organisations, we can offer the widest range of scuba diving courses of any dive centre in Rarotonga.

DAN World Partnership

DAN - Divers Alert Network partner in Rarotonga

Adventure Cook Islands is proud to be an official DAN World Partner and to support DAN Asia-Pacific (DAN AP). The Divers Alert Network is a global not-for-profit, member-based organization …

Mystery Shipwreck in Rarotonga Identified

Letter R on stern of shipwreck

In February 2018, Carina and Patrick discovered a small sailing yacht wreck in 70 metres outside Avatiu in Rarotonga. After talking to many locals and multiple dives on the wreck, the identity of the wreck…

Scooter helmet law changes for Rarotonga

Scooter rider with safety helmet in Rarotonga

The Cook Islands government has recently amended the safety regulations one more time. It is now mandatory for every person riding on a scooter or motorcycle on Rarotonga to wear an approved motorcycle safety helmet…

COVID-19 update


2020 has been an exceptional year in many ways. With the virus spreading and life being turned upside down in most parts of the world, the Cook Islands have managed to stay Covid-19 free until today.

Crown-Of-Thorns Removal

Crown-O-Thorns starfish

You got to to love the diving in Rarotonga! Great visibility and warm water combined with our fascinating marine life makes scuba diving in Rarotonga extremely fun and explains why many divers keep coming back year after year.
Amongst our natural reef inhabitants are the beautiful Crown-Of-Thorns starfish, aka…

We Have Moved

Office and painted workshop

We have moved our office from Kavera Beach 800 metres down the road to Aroa Beach. Since the COVID-19 border closures in April we have kept ourselves busy. We have moved our office building, decks, containers and palm trees to our new location just across the road from the beautiful Aroa Beach with it’s stunning lagoon…