Manatua Cable Landing

Cable floating at the surface behind cable layer vessel

Section 6 – Rarotonga – Completed

Dive team
Manatua Cable – Section 6 dive team

Subsea cable landing and installation work has finally been completed for Manatua Cable System Section 6 – Rarotonga. It has been a busy time with long days and a great team to work with and many laughs and fond memories to keep.
The multi-national dive team consisted of divers from Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Samoa and France/ Germany.

After cable landing on January 8 2020, the subsea cable has been moved to it’s final position, articulated piping installed and clamped to the sea bed in high energy areas.

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Shipwreck Discovery in the Cook Islands

shiwreck hull

New shipwreck discovered on deep dive in Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Shipwreck in Rarotonga

A new shipwreck has been found in Rarotonga (Cook Islands) by Carina Wenzel and Patrick Jaletzky.
In February 2018, Carina and Patrick were doing an exploration dive in front of Avatiu. Visibility was very clear and even though the maximum depth of the dive was around 30 metres, looking down and towards the open sea they spotted outlines resembling a ship’s shape laying deep on the drop off slope.

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Whaleshark in Rarotonga


Great start into the New Year!


“What better way is there than to start the New Year with a dive?” This is what Carina and Patrick thought on their day off and so they went for their first private dive in the new year. And what a dive it was!

They were exploring an area on the east coast that is normally not being dived. Swimming along the drop-off, 15 minutes into the dive Carina looked back and up and saw a massive whaleshark swimming straight over her!

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