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Refresher Dive Cook IslandsRefresh your dive skills in Rarotonga!

If you are a qualified scuba diver but haven’t dived in a while, you may choose to join us on a refresher dive in Rarotonga ‘s lagoon.

Starting at our shop, we will go through all the important things that you may have forgotten over the years. Afterwards we will take you on a lagoon dive in Rarotonga ’s Aroa Marine Reserve where we will spend a good 45mins underwater. Most of the dive is spent at the coral reef, swimming around and watching the wonderful marine life but we will also conduct a few dive skills, just to get you up to scratch again.

Refresher dives take about two hours and you may choose to do it either at 9:00 am or 2:00 pm, tides permitting.


  • All tour guides are trained in first aid
  • Lifejackets available for all sea adventure tours
  • Boat is equipped with VHF radio and mobile phone
  • Oxygen on board for all dive trips
  • All dive guides are experienced PADI Dive Masters or Instructors
  • Boat handlers are experienced and qualified skippers

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