SDI diving courses in the Cook Islands

Scuba Diving International in Rarotonga

Scuba Diving International programs in Rarotonga

Our SDI Dive Centre in Rarotonga offers a big selection of quality SDI dive courses. In addition to diver level courses we also offer professional level SDI courses up to Assistant Instructor.

We also offer high quality technical diver training through SDI’s sister training agency Technical DIving International.

Endless possibilities

SDI has it’s roots deep in advanced scuba diving. Scuba Diving International is the recreational sister training agency of TDI. SDI and was created in 1998 by dive TDI professionals with a technical diving background. SDI is part of the WRSTC (World Recreational Scuba Training Council). Therefore, all SDI dive certifications are recognized throughout the world.

SDI dive possibilities in Rarotonga

SDI/ TDI’s course structure allows divers progressing through it’s recreational programs to seemlessly move on to technical diving within the course range offered by TDI. As a result, possibilities of continuing education in diver training are endless with SDI and TDI.

Although solo diving was and is common in technical diving, SDI was amongst the first recreational diver training agencies that offered a solo diving training course. Even though most major recreational training agencyies have since come up with their own similar programs, for many years they have mandated against solo diving.


SDI is a very progressive and innovative recreational diver training agency with a strong emphasize on safety. As a matter of fact, SDI/ TDI were the first dive training agency to develop online dive theory training for dive courses. With this in mind, you will complete your course theory through SDI’s state of the art elearning system.

SDI requires students to have a dive computer on all training dives from the very beginning. For this reason you will also use a dive computer during all SDI courses.

SDI diver training in Rarotonga

SDI Course structure

  • Online theory through SDI elearning
  • Confined water training inside the lagoon (if required)
  • Open water dives

Please click HERE for a full list of SDI courses as well as to find out which course interests you. For more information about the SDI courses we offer, please contact us by email.