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The Cook Islands and specifically Rarotonga’s lagoon offers amazing snorkel spots that are easily accessible for everyone. That is why snorkeling is one of the favourite activities for tourists on Rarotonga.

Our range of adult and kids snorkel gear is all you need to explore the amazing marine world. With water temperatures ranging from 23° to 32° inside the lagoon, most people are more than happy to snorkel these waters without a wetsuit. But if you wish to wear a wetsuit for more thermal protection and extra buoyancy when you snorkel in Rarotonga, we have these for hire.

For marine world explorations at night we hire ultra bright rechargeable LED underwater diving torches.

The best places for snorkeling inside the lagoon are Aro’a and Tikioki (Fruits of Rarotonga), but really anywhere along the south coast is nice. Just make sure you stay well clear of the passages (channels) as they can have strong currents. If in doubt where to go, ask us about the best spots…


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