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Guided snorkel tours to Rarotonga’s outer reef

Rarotonga’s reefs offer amazing snorkelling opportunities. The sheltered lagoon by itself offers a myriad of interesting fish species and a lot of people are comfortable to stay within the boundaries of the lagoon.

But for some people Rarotonga ‘s lagoon is just not quite enough. Chances of seeing bigger species like eagle rays, turtles or even reef sharks are much higher if you are beyond the surf zone.

In winter there is also the chance to see migrating humpback whales…

On our outer reef snorkeling trips we will take you beyond Rarotonga‘s fringing reef. Our custom build boat can comfortably take 6 to 7 snorkelers. We have snorkel sites all around Rarotonga and depending on sea conditions we will take you to the best spots for the day.

Starting at our shop where we gear you up with fins, masks and snorkels (wetsuits and weight belts if you wish), we then drive down to our boat launching site of the day, either on Rarotonga‘s north, south or east coast. From there, boat trips take between 5 and 15mins, depending on the site. Once moored, we will brief you on the site so you have a better idea about what to expect. If you choose to follow our guide, he will point out interesting fish and other marine life.

The water depth on our snorkelling sites varies between 3 and 10 meters, which means that you should be a comfortable swimmer and not be afraid of open water. Prior snorkeling experience is required.

We offer snorkeling trips twice a day, either at 8 am in the mornings or at 12:30 in the afternoon. Sea conditions permitting, we will take you to 2 different spots on our tour. The duration of the entire trip is about 2 to 2.5 hours.


  • All tour guides are trained in first aid
  • Lifejackets available for all sea adventure tours
  • Boat is equipped with VHF radio and mobile phone
  • Oxygen on board for all dive trips
  • All dive guides are experienced PADI Dive Masters or Instructors
  • Boat handlers are experienced and qualified skippers

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