Technical Diving/ CCR

Dive Rarotonga with a closed circuit rebreather

CCR Support
We are a rebreather friendly dive center and store Sofnolim and oxygen for closed circuit rebreather (CCR) divers. We also have a booster pump to get your O2 cyclinders up to pressure.

Peppermint angelfish on deep dive in Rarotonga

Mixed Gas diving
We also store helium to blend your trimix diluent for experienced mixed gas CCR divers who are interested in exploring and diving Rarotonga’s hidden submerged treasures. Beyond 70 meters, Rarotonga’s deep drop offs fall straight into the abyss and offer fascinating marine life. The coral changes and you find massive sea fans as well as very colourful soft corals which you won’t see anywhere on Rarotonga within recreational diving depths. Here you also find various fish species that you find pretty much nowhere else in the world. Amongst these fishes is the holy grail of rare tropical reef fishes, the peppermint Angelfish (aracentropyge boylei), highly sought after by aquarium enthusiasts. Other rare, deepwater reef fishes on Rarotonga are, for example, the elusive Narcosis angelfish (Centropyge narcosis) and the Pitcairn angelfish (Genicanthus spinus).

Seafan on deep rebreather dive on Rarotonga

Apart for the smaller, rare species, you will often enconter tunas and schools of trevallies when conducting deep drop-off dives in Rarotonga. On the south coast, reef shark encounters are frequent on deep mixed gas dives. There is also at least one shipwreck on Rarotonga that lays within technical diving limits, hopefully more will be discovered soon.

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